How I did my Suwa style paintings?

Hello there readers.

This is my second blog post. YAY !!!

So let’s talk about art…

When I was about 3 years old, my first art were created using paint and my fingers as brushes. When I was five years old, my dad had to purchase cartridge paper, paints, pastels and paint brushes just for me. My love for art was so great that I even went to art classes which taught me how to paint using water colours which was a huge leap.

Now I am 18 years old and I no longer have time to go for art classes so occasionally paint during the holidays. Due to my lack of practice, I can no longer paint using water colours. Moreover, I felt extremely stressed when I attempted to paint, as I believed that it had to look perfect. Furthermore, I felt that I wasted my talent and saw my paintings as ugly, boring and common; lacking unique qualities.

Fortunate for me, being a K-pop fan, I found a video on Youtube in which K-pop star Kim Taeyeon visits Suwa, a Korean fashion artist and illustrator to learn how to paint.

The title of the video is: [Ch. Girls’ Generation] Painter Taeyeon’s Special Outing // 탱화백의 화려한 외출

The Youtube link is:

And for those who are wondering what are Suwa style paintings, it’s just a name I has given for paintings done using her technique.

After watching this video, straight away I ran to my room, pulled out some A4 sheets (I didn’t have any cartridge paper), all my art supplies and filled a jar with water. As I didn’t have a palette, I used an A4 sized piece of cardboard.

To start painting, I began to watch the video.

Steps I took to create my first enjoyable painting from a long time:

  1. Placed necessary supplies and tools on the desk
  2. Sat comfortably
  3. Played the video
  4. Observed Suwa’s art that was shown in the video
  5. Followed Suwa’s instructions on how to be care-free when doing art
  6. Used her techniques and style when painting
  7. Did the final strokes
  8. Observed my first Suwa style painting
  9. Nodded in satisfaction
  10. Screamed mentally “Voila!”


Here is my first enjoyable painting from a long time-


My second painting uses Suwa’s style and technique shown in the video-


For the above painting I wanted to draw her eyes, but since it didn’t look pleasant, I thought for a while until the paint dried and decided to cover the mistake by painting black sunglasses. However, that didn’t turn out right either, so I decided to paint bangs over the ‘messed-up’ sunglasses. This is the final result and it looks cool too. The idea for the yellow skin colour was from The Simpsons.

Here’s another one-IMG_20171211_002239

The amazing gain from watching this video and following Suwa’s techniques was that it made me enjoy uniqueness, coincidence and mistakes. YAY!!!

Why don’t you guys try it out and tell me how it goes in the comments section?

Or if you have your own style share it !

Thanks readers and hope you enjoyed this …

Bye  for now !



It’s Story Time!!!

Hello there readers.

This is my first blog post. YAY!!!

It was a long journey to start to type the title of my first blog post. To get to the title, I had to read at least 10 website and blog articles on the topic “How to Write Your First Blog Article?”

Now since I’ve made it, my first blog post is going to be a story which I wrote for my English class when I was 16 years old. Hope you enjoy!!

Here we go:

New Doc 106_1


New Doc 106_2

New Doc 106_3

New Doc 106_4

New Doc 106_5

New Doc 106_6

New Doc 106_7

New Doc 106_8

New Doc 106_9

New Doc 106_10

Welcome to the end of this story.

More stories will be posted on this blog.

So stay tuned…

Bye for now .

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